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Life in these COVID Times.

As a church family, we have been so excited to be able to reconnect in-person. We reopened for in-person worship services In February. After a few months of worshipping virtually together during the COVID spike that began in November, it has been GREAT just to see one another again! Our worship time has changed to 10:30 on Sundays, and we currently have a ZOOM fellowship time at 2:30PM instead of the typical small groups after service.

Recently we have celebrated two baptisms and have heard amazing testimonies of God at work. God is good! Many of our members have been walking through challenging times with medical and financial issues. But God has walked with our church family and continues to be faithful!!

Right now our outreach to CCCL is shut down due to COVID (CCCL has shut down all passes.) Please join us in prayer as we hope we can resume this outreach soon!

We currently have a combination of ZOOM events as well as in-person fellowship opportunities.

We have a Bible Study on Fridays at the NL at 1:30 PM (In Person).

Our RIP Program meets Monday nights from 7-9PM (In Person).

We have a prayer meeting on Fridays at 11:00AM (on ZOOM).

Our Emerging Leaders Program meets Sunday nights from 6-8PM (On ZOOM).

And our Charity Autos Program is once again open Saturdays at the NL (In Person).

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